Customer Success Stories

First woman to list her business on the Australian Stock Exchange

Julia Ross

"'I have used Empower Beaute for some time and have found the improvement in my skin quite outstanding. Both the texture and even tone have resulted in a truly more pleasing aesthetic result"

First woman to co-found a Sourdough Pizza Chain(Franco Manca)

Bridget Hugo

"I used Empower for a couple of weeks before I travelled to South Africa. I was away for a month, and used my sample regularly the entire time, twice a day. As instructed. Since I returned from Africa all the friends I have seen have remarked on how wonderful my skin looks, including my husband!

I already started noticing the difference myself while I was away. Lines around my eyes plumped out and the very old scarring on my cheek faded


Susannah Harker

"I absolutely love this serum. I am a complete convert. I saw instant results; Firming, lifting and clarity of skin. I genuinely can’t imagine not having it as part of my Beauty Care Regime. I couldn’t recommend it more."

British Singer/Actress

Bronagh Gallagher

"Empower Kakadu Serum Is by far the best skin care product I have ever used. The perfect blend of Kakadu plum extract and all the Vegan ingredients that make up this divine serum are a truly magical combination and the effects are visible on the skin within a few days of application. With so many harsh anti aging products on the market now containing harmful chemicals and hidden side effects this product is completely natural and works with the skins natural make up to enhance skin vitality and
prevent wrinkling and aging naturally! It is now my go to product and I notice such a difference in my skin's glow and I cannot recommend this gem enough!"

Make-Up Artist

Jacques-Lee Pelletier

"EMPOWER IS ALL I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED! It binds to the skin almost by binds to any cream....a must for layering... it gives instant glow... adds a certain LIGHT quality to the skin, making the age spots lighter, and less defined. It helps curb creepiness, and seem to calm sebum production, creating a glow... a incomparable glow only achieved by ultimate skin prep! I thank you Empower
Beaute for this incredible beauty tool...that I also personally use day and night alone or in synergy with a skin-compatible oil or with a cream. Recently I have been testing the serum after micro needling and I am flabbergasted at what is achieved. I will eventually share with you the awesome result we are getting. Again all my gratitude!"


Princess Antoinette Reuss

"Empower Beauty Sérum is a product I would never want to be without. I noticed visible results after a few days of daily use. I could not believe how my wrinkle got less and how clearer and healthier my skin looked. What a fabulous serum. A must for anyone who desires to get rid of wrinkles and have great-looking skin."


Samantha Sargant

"I have just finished my first bottle of the Empower Beauty Serum, and oh my goodness .. it is a product that I would never want to be without. I noticed visible results after a few days of daily use in the evening. My complexion became more even and clear. The slight pigmentation and uneven skin tone that I had on my cheeks and forehead became less visible.

As in, it literally disappeared after a couple weeks of using the Empower Beauty Serum. What I also loved is just how healthy my skin looked and felt. More clarity of complexion. More lightness. And a much more even skin
tone. What a fabulous serum. A MUST for anyone who has a desire to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and discolouration on their skin."

Creator of first cosmedical Foot System in London

Robyn Opie

"As a limited user of makeup and a low admirer of surreptitious realities, natural skin perfection has always been rated very high on my must-do list. 'The biggest challenge is pigmentation; located on the hard-to-hide region, namely around the outer eyes and forehead area. Why me? I originate from the region of lower south- island NEW ZEALAND, FARMING ORIGINS, dictating an extremely outdoor lifestyle (pre SP factor products or
intelligence) and to add insult to injury, made more dangerous due to a massive hole in the Ozone layer directly overhead. Having tried numerous globally
produced products and promises over numerous decades EMPOWER BEAUTY SERUM makes its presence made... AND WOW! What a difference a week made.. absolutely unbelievable Today MPOWER BEAUTY SERUM TOGETHER WITH SPF3o+ .. facial pigmentation. Downgraded to "A memory" but not forgotten One important piece of ADVICE. CONTINUATION is The key to ongoing success and
pigmentation absenteeism."

Nutritionist and Beautician

Helen Roach

"I have sensitive skin around my eyes and am always looking for eye serums that don't irritate them and work! Empower certainly ticked both boxes for me with no reactions and hydrating results - perfect as a make-up base."

Nicole Petschek

"Thanks to Carole Frasers deep knowledge on the beauty of the skin, i have trusted and tried her miracle wrinkle disappearing act results. From my before and after pictures you can see the difference in only 3 weeks. I will keep on posting the progress. But the wrinkles are measurably disappearing. I have never know a beauty to cream to deliver what they promise. But Carole's does!!"

Gary Wayne

"I have used Empower Beaute and found it to be a remarkable product. I noticed fine lines under my eyes fade, not only that but my skin looked more youthful, not just there, but where ever I repeatedly used it."